Our Story

Hey there! Welcome to our shop!

My name is Kristen and I am the owner and creator of All About Grace Candle Company.

A little back story on me; I graduated from Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Tucker, Ga in baking and pastry and immediately started working for a custom cake studio after doing my externship with them. Shortly after being hired I became a partner in the business and that's what fueled my love of small business! I loved the creativity it allows, the people you get to meet, and the endless lessons you learn in owning your own business. I had an amazing mentor/boss/business partner who taught me so much about following your dreams, how hard you have to work to keep a business running, and the life lessons that will stay with me forever. Working long hours in a bakery, you start getting a little delusional and say some pretty crazy things! I would always joke about me taking over one day when she was ready to take a step back but also talked about creating a beauty/health line with products that smelled just like our cakes! I wanted to do candles, soaps, and lotions but it just stayed in my mind as an idea.

After 5 years in the baking industry, I had my daughter and due to really late nights, long hours, and weekends working it was too much trying to raise a baby and find childcare that fit my schedule so, sadly I left and did a 180 and went into the medical billing field. (yep! Everyone always takes a second when they hear that!) I again learned a lot and enjoyed the medical part of it but even after a few years of doing that, my heart was not there. I felt my creativity and passion dying and it sent me into a very dark place within myself. I constantly asked God to "help me find my purpose" along with a lot of tears. I wanted to do something I loved but also be able to be there for my daughter and not miss out on the important things in life. Plus, as so many parents know, childcare is competitive and expensive so I wanted to be able to take her and pick her up from school and not have to worry about who was watching her while I was working.

So, One day I ended up finally purchasing a candle making kit that I had sitting in my cart on amazon and that was it! I was hooked! 

A fast six months later, All About Grace Candle Company was officially Launched on November 3rd, 2019. I tested and researched my scents for about 6 months prior and then, after we launched shortly after the pandemic hit. To say I wasn't terrified and thinking I had just single-handedly made the biggest mistake of my life, I chose to fight instead of let that sink me. I had to deal with so many delays, items that were "my brand" were either shut down or out of stock until months down the road so I had to get creative and make changes as the pandemic progressed. Little did I know, I'd become a homeschool teacher temporarily too so that was another obstacle I managed to overcome.
My biggest push was my daughter. She couldn't see me falter. I want her to know how important a dream is and that women are stronger than we even know. It's my job as her mother to show her how to navigate through the good, the bad, and the ugly and still come out on top! This company is built with so much love, passion, and determination because I want a better life for myself, my daughter, and my husband. My first goal with this business is to be able to take my daughter to Disney for her first time on what I've earned. So, each time you purchase from us, (and yes I mean me, my daughter, and my husband) you are not only supporting a dream but you are helping to create a life that some people can only dream of and we cannot Thank You enough!
From my family to yours, we appreciate you!!
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